Friday, 20 February 2015

20/2/15 On the bookshelves

I came home last week to find the penguins exploring. I should say that we only moved into this house recently, so I suppose it isn't surprising that the penguins are casing the joint. They are climbing over one of the bookshelves, the one with the music books. I don't know if this is significant.

Mum says they are off on a walk. They wanted some knowledge, and now they are 'off'. They have some 'stuff to do'.

She laughs and says, again, 'you know, sometimes I worry that they won't tell me what to do, but they always do. It must be how writer's block feels: panicked that it will never come again, but it always does'.

Then she quietly says: 'it's only me they talk to.' I think this is in reference to my daughter trying to get in on the act last time. Mum hasn't said anything directly but she was quite unsettled by that.

So maybe there is a connection to the music books: that anxiety over the difficult second album syndrome. I think Mum  is doing some of her best work now. Good use of Blu Tack once again. It must be a challenge to listen to the penguins in the chaos of a new house, but she is a trooper.

Full disclosure: I had a U2 phase. I was young.

Monday, 9 February 2015

9/12/15 In the loo

When I got home from work and saw the new set up I was worried we were back into exploring the darker parts of the penguin's psyche.

But Mum assured me the penguins were just having a laugh watching one of the babies jumping into the loo. The others were a bit worried about it jumping from such a height she said, but it was all harmless fun.

In a new twist, my older daughter Eva collaborated on this arrangement. Taking an engine from the train set, she arranged one of the adults to be riding off whilst the others were busy watching the baby jumping in. 

Later, Mum takes me aside, 'I don't really agree that the penguin was riding off on the train' she says quietly, 'but I didn't want to tell her not to join in'. She continues 'I never plan these you know, the penguins tell me what to do'. 

Mum used to be a teacher and telling a child not to do something creative -  even when it's misplaced -  is just not in her kindly make up. She did look pained though.